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The Layou Improvement Committee ORGANIZERS OF THE "ANNUAL LAYOU TITIWI FEST"  TOURISM ATTRACTION .  SEPT 25-26; 2010...... Come experience our unique Titiwi in a variety of dishes. music by Midnight Groovers ,WCK  and many more!!! click on the titiwi festivals menue for further info. The Layou Improvement Committee Inc. is a Non Profit Organization base in Layou. The group has been in existence for a very long time however in August of 2007, the group was reconstituted with new members and a new vision. Our overall aim is to contribute to the social and economic development of the community of Layou and to improve on the standard of living and quality of life of the people of Layou using the natural resources available in that area. Currently we working closely with the ministry of Tourism and Legal Affairs through the Tourism Sector Development Program (SFA 2006) developing a community based tourism enterprise which focuses on using the rich heritage of the Layou River,Beach and Fishing resources, particularly the Titiwi, as the main attraction for attracting visitors to the area. The Committee currently consists of the following individuals: Lazare Charles, Chairman Dr.Kurt Laurent, Deputy Chairman Emilia David, Secretary Elisha Laurent, Treasurer Alicia Pierre, Asst. Secretary/Treasurer Narine Charles, Public Relations Officer Vanya David Anolda Bully Maria Mulcare Kernel Stevens, Event Co-ordinator The Layou River is naturally the main attraction in the community, along with the Glo Chaud (hot water pool) in the river,the beach and our Titiwi Festival. Layou is situated on the west coast of Dominica about 15 minutes from Roseau the capital to the south and 35 minutes from Portsmouth to the north with a population of approximately (600) six hundred inhabitants. Layou was formerly a slave community, playing an important role in Dominica's heritage. The popular Wacky Rollers Adventure Park is situated along the banks of the Layou and uses the river for rafting ours. Learn all about Layou's one-day 'Water Twist'  Tour. Or spend a few days with us and book your three-day Layou Experience Package.

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