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Lake to the Sea Day Tour  -  Layou Experience

10.30AM:     Miracle Lake Tour (1½  hours) In 1997, there was a series of dramatic landslides that changed the Layou Valley forever and produced the Miracle Lake.  The walls of the valley, where the cliffs were 100m tall, collapsed, sliding into the river and into the gorge where two rivers met.  A dam was created, plugging both rivers. Water backed up behind the dam and several days later it was breached, sending wave upon wave of water and mud racing down the Layou River to the sea.  Another landslide took place on the Mathieu River the following week creating the same effect at the river junction. The Mathieu River was plugged more solidly this time and the volume of water breached the dam again. The Mathieu River remained plugged and a large lake was formed in the river valley behind the landslide.  Today, the phenomenon of the Miracle Lake, created in the 20th century, can be seen at different angles after a short hike through the Shillingford Estate. 1.00PM:     Lunch 2.30PM:     River Tubing and Kayak Adventure (1hour) River tubing ride is about fun! Spinning and swirling the picturesque Layou River. Kayak adventure. If you’ve done it before, try it again on Dominica’s longest and largest river. Experience the unique thrill of a few mild rapid before bursting into the ocean. 4.00PM         End of tour Total Price: US $88 / per person To book your tour Contact Us.

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