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TITIWI FESTIVAL Titiwi Festival 2012 Titiwi Festival is a flag-ship of the Layou Improvement Committee. This event began in 2008 by the Layou Improvement Committee (LIC) . The two organizations came together to host two events on the same day. Waitukubuli Ecological Fundation,(W.E.F)World Rivers Day. Under the theme, Rivers are more than water Layou Improvement Committe Inc. (L.I.C) Titiwi Festival Titiwi is the carib name for a small Goby fish which is caught in the sea and the river three days after the last quarter phase of the moon. The event was dubbed; World Rivers Day/Titiwi Festival. In 2009 the festival will be held on Sunday 27th September, again with the collaboration of W.E.F and L.I.C under the same theme of 2008 theme ;Rivers are more than water. A hike to the Miracle Lake (Matthieu Dam) on Saturday 15th August at 7:am is scheduled in preparation for the event.

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